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(Before starting this lesson on Spanish expressions, visit our Spanish pronunciation guide to learn basic pronunciation, and be sure to refer back to it as necessary. There is also a link to it from the homepage and site map.)

The best ways to learn a language is to start speaking it right away, and then learn the grammatical rules once you know a few words and expressions. You may want to print out the list of Spanish expressions below, so you can read over them several times a day until you know them. Each is followed by the most appropriate translation, and sometimes a more literal translation in parenthesis.

Spanish Expressions

¿Cuál es su nombre? - What is your name?

Mi nombre es Ana. - My name is Ana.

¿Cómo se llama usted? - What is your name?

Me llamo Ana. - My name is Ana (I call myself Ana).

Buenos días. - Good morning (Good day).

Buenas tardes. - Good afternoon.

Buenas noches. - Good evening (Good night).

¿Cómo está usted? - How are you?

Muy bien, gracias. ¿Y usted? - Very well, thank you. And you?

Le presento a Steve. - This is Steve (I introduce you to Steve).

Mucho gusto. - Nice to meet you (Much pleasure).

Igualmente. - And you too (Equally).

Hasta luego. - See you later (Until then).

Adiós. - Goodbye.

Hasta mañana. - See you tomorrow (Until tomorrow).

Por favor. - Please.

Gracias. - Thank you.

De nada. - You're welcome (It's nothing).

¿Cuánto cuesta? - How much (How much does it cost)?

Disculpe. - Excuse me.

Lo Siento. - I'm sorry.

La cuenta por favor. - The bill please.

¿Dónde está el baño? - Where is the bathroom?

¿Cómo se dice esto? - How do you say this (How does one say this)?

No entiendo. - I don't understand.

Hable más lento por favor. - Speak more slowly please.

¿De dónde es usted? - Where are you from?

Yo soy de los Estados Unidos. - I am from the United States.

Useful Spanish Words

En la casa = at home

sala = living room
comedor = dining room
dormitorio = bedroom
cocina = kitchen
baño = bathroom

Las estaciones = the seasons

invierno = winter
verano = summer
otoño = autumn
primavera = spring

La ubicación = the directions

norte = north
sur = south
este = east
oeste = west

La comida = the meal

desayuno = breakfast
almuerzo = lunch
cena = dinner

Los días = the days

lunes = Monday
martes = Tuesday
miércoles = Wednesday
jueves = Thursday
viernes = Friday
sábado = Saturday
domingo = Sunday

Los meses = The months

enero = January
febrero = February
marzo = March
abril = April
mayo = May
junio = June
julio = July
agosto = August
septiembre = September
octubre = October
noviembre = November
diciembre = December

Palabras de pregunta = question words

¿Qué? = What?
¿Cómo? = How?
¿Cuándo? = When?
¿Dónde? = Where?
¿Cuál? = Which?
¿Por qué? = Why?

Palabras de respuesta = answer words

= yes
= no
= maybe/perhaps
Tal vez
= perhaps
= of course
= never
= always
= now
Porque = because



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